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Grooming your own dog can be stressful and time consuming. We offer all grooming services in a stress free and professional environment. Grooming will be by appointment through Pawz for Beauty Grooming. 


Is your dog restless or in need of socialization? Then bring them down to Dogz Gone Wild for a day of fun in our large indoor and outdoor play areas. Our daycare is always supervised and complete with rubber flooring. It has turf outdoors to keep your dog safe while they have the most fun. Daycare allows dogs to burn off pent up energy so they come home tired and sleep the night away.

Your dogs first day of daycare will be $15.  This trial day lasts 3 hours, and we use this time to slowly introduce your dog to our play groups and let them acclimate at their own pace.  We will also assess your dogs temperament, personality and play style, to assure they are a good fit for daycare. 


Going away on vacation or just need someone to watch over your dog? Dogs who board with us are treated as if they are our own and stay in large climate controlled rooms/ kennels with beds, toys and soft blankets. Dogs staying overnight also have the opportunity to play in daycare during the day with a $10 add on charge per day, on weekdays.   The play groups are free on weekends. If they aren't attending daycare, they will have individual playtime and multiple potty breaks.  You are encouraged to bring anything your dog(s) like to make them more comfortable during their stay. This includes beds, toys, blankets, treats and more.

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